Week 13

Week 12

Design comp wk11

Week 11

Week 10

Week10 design comps

Design Comps

Design Comp 1

Design Comp 2

Design Comp 3

My intent was to keep it clean and simple. After looking at them I like the second one better.

Week 9

Adobe TV

Fireworks tips and tricks

The Complete Designing Process

Max 2008 Design

Common Mistakes Print Designers make on the Web

Designing with Grid-Based Approach

A Dao of  Web Design

Five Principles to Design By

Illustrator should be used for site maps and flow diagrams because illustrator allows for better print quality.

Fireworks – wireframing and creative interactive prototypes

Photoshop – visual design

InDesign – documentation

Week 8

CSS-HTML Class and Id Selectors

The Difference Between ID and Class

CSS Typography

An em is a relative unit of measurement; one em equals to the vertical size of an element’s text.

Free and Shareware Font galleries




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