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Choosing a Domain Name

12 Rules for choosing a domainname

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Common Domain Name Registrars Today

GoDaddy- http://godaddy.com

Redister- http://www.register.com

Network Soultions- http://www.netsol.com


week 6

Tiling Image backgrounds

Usually patterns that repeat or tile and are not a prominent feature on the page.

example of a tiling background image 

Use repeat-x or repeat-y to repeat the background along the x oy axis in the body of the page using CSS.

Navigation: Consistency and Methods

  • placement
  • design
  • readability
  • direction hierarchy

Navigation methods:

  • images
  • rollovers
  • text links
  • accessibility
  • dynamics

Examples of: Column based navigation


Drop Down


Graphic with subnav menus


text with subnav menus




I have learned that no matter how tired of a web design you may be that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. As a matter of fact most people only spend 2-3 minutes on a website, so it would take them 2 years to rack up 30 hours and loyal customers will spend less than 5 hours in a year on a site. People don’t like change this is why when there are big website makeovers most people complain until they become familiar with it. The best thing is to change or upgrade small things a little at a time.

Week 5

So being sick this week has put me in a fog so my comprehension has taken a nap.

CSS – Cascading style sheets

Typography is important in establishing visual hierarchy. CSSs are formatting rules that control web pages. They separate formatting and presentation elements from the actual elements of the page such as text or graphics.

Video: Styling in the CSS Property Inspector


An imagemap in any image or graphic that you want to have multiple clickable areas or links. Clicking on an area of the graphic or image will take you to another web page with information or website. You cannot see imagemaps when using text mode browsers and browse with graphics disabled. Imagemaps cannot be scaled if your screen is set to 640 pixels wide  and the imagemap is 800 you will not be able to view it.

Stock photography

Stock photography is photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Agencies negotiate license fee for the photographer. You can browse stock photos online.



Final Project Proposals

My first idea was to make a web site for myself this would make it easier for me to show my work to potential clients and if I move and haven’t unpacked my portfolio yet I can direct them to my portfolio online. I think it would be beneficial to have both anyway. I am working on making my work digital and I would have to break it down into categories.

My second idea was to create a web site for my friend and her sister. They have been making jewelry for a few years and have it posted on Etsy and YouTube but they do not have a  site. She has always said how she wishes her business would get bigger and I think having a web site would make her more accessable. She said she could provide me with images and video. The name of their business is CM and M Jewelry.

Week 4

First of all I want to say that it was very hard to watch some of the worst web site video’s. I was just painful cause I know I have come across web sites like those I immediately get out of it, navigation is one of the most important elements for a web site. I know that if I can’t get around a site easily it is not worth my time. I chose a couple of the videos that I thought were really bad. Mahon This was a web site for a photographer that the narrator couldn’t pronounce. The thing that bugged me the most about it was there was no info on the page and if there was they never found it, plus once you clicked on an image it was not clear how to get back to the home page.     Ad/Flash Blocking This web site was for NASCAR.com. When you first look at the page it is more like looking at a college and not a good one. This site is so busy it gives you a headache instantly.


I think that working with FW this week has taught me quite a bit there were a few things that I was unsure of while watching the video’s and doing the work. For instance, on the Lynda.com practice when I got to the catalog.PNG when he said to draw a star and then change it in the shapes properties this was not already in my properties panel so I had to add it from the window menu but then it wouldn’t let me alter the one I already had so I had to delete it and make a new one so I could then change it. I found this a little bothersome. But overall I like that you can manipulate both vector and bitmap images in one interface.

 Understanding Fireworks

Fireworks Interface

Importing and exporting images

Smart guides and tool tips

Using Kuler color themes

Understanding styles and symbols


I also included the kuler web site. I have used this site quite a bit and find it very helpful I do sometimes get caught up in looking through all the color pallets and creating my own.

Week 3

One of the essentials for a good web design is The Grid. Grid Theory, the golden ratio or divine proportion as believed by the Pythagoreans due to the mathematical pattern found in nature. A line can be bisected by dividing its length by 1.62. Compositions divided by lines that are in proportion to the golden ratio are aesthetically pleasing.  The rule of thirds, a line divided into two sections, one that is about twice the size of the other. This grid will help you layout your page design.

Image file formats:

GIF- Graphics Interchange Format

  • adaptive palette
  • reduces file size
  • lossless format
  • display transparency
  • supports animation
  • best for large areas of flattened color, illustrations, type,etc

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

  • no limit to the number of colors
  • lossy format
  • compression can be adjusted
  • compressed image cannot be reverted back

Fireworks key interface elements

  • rearrange tabs
  • click tabs to make them active
  • click and drag tabs
  • can have multiple document windows
  • can add tabs to floating document windows


  • hybrid imaging application
  • can work seamlessly with bitmap and vector base images in the same document
  • 9 slice scaling tool
  • export designs in many different ways

Dreamweaver videos

styling text in Dreamweaver

Adding text and images to your page

Fireworks videos

Fireworks – managing the design suite

understanding fireworks

The fireworks interface

importing files into fireworks

Week 2

Well I have come to the conclusion that this is like learning a foreign language. When I was learning Japanese I had a hard time remembering characters but after I practiced them for a while I was able to remember what was what. I have read and reread just so it would sink in. setting up the FTP(file transfer protocol) account was easier than I thought it was going to be. After reading all the problems everyone was having it scared me a bit. I did manage to get through it and after I was done I breathed a sigh of relief. I did print the PDF directions and that was helpful.

I have learned that hyperlinking is what makes the web a cool place. These links can lead you to files that have  movies, pictures, and  HTML pages etc. Absolute link is a link that can be added to any page on the site no matter what the page.  Be able to link another web site to your with the Absolute link. Relative link;  links that are relative to the page it is placed on , but is dependent on the directory structure of your sit. 

 Watching the videos about Dreamweaver was helpful. Dreamweaver seems to be a pretty user-friendly program I like the fact that you can split the screen and see both the code and what your page will look like. I am a visual person so this is nice.


Getting srarted:01 What is Dreamweaver: 


Using views and work spaces:


Defining a Site:


Adding text and images:


Managing and uploading sites:


Styling text using CSS (cascading Stylesheets)


Welcome to my blog

I have to start off by saying that I have a very hard time opening up and keep to myself mostly. I do however brag about my kids.  My son will be 12 on the 30th of this month and my daughter will be 15 in March. I am also still very much in love with my husband after being with him for 20 years. I feel very lucky that my family has supported my decision to go back to school and I know that it is hard on them at times but they are always there for me. 

 I am kind of slow with all the computer web stuff and don’t know that much so I hope that I can learn a lot from my classmates as well as the instructor. I look forward to working with all of you.

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